Air Purification Products

In-Duct UV Light:CID-150

5 Year Warranty

The CID-150 (110V) utilizes a long life, solid state electronic ballast with a 120 V plug and standard cord. 

In-Duct UV Light: 24-VAC

5 Year Warranty

The 24 VAC is a low voltage unit that is wired directly into the system.

Photo-Catalytic Oxidation


5 Year Warranty

The PCO uses a UVC bulb which illuminates two fields of titanium dioxide. Its surface is enhanced with multiple nano-catalytic metals which include silver, copper, zinc, and rhodium. 


Cold Plasma Generator

3 Year Warranty

The Teslaire is a needle point brush type ionizer producing an equal amount of positive and negative ions. This ionization equipment is effective in reducing harmful pollutants and odors by introducing positive and negative ions into the system airflow.

Neon Lights

Replacement Bulbs

We offer replacement bulbs for all of our units! Contact us for pricing! 

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