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HVAC Professionals

How Can YOU Benefit From NatureSoft Products?

Your professional credibility with our products will strengthen your brand and give your business additional revenue stream that will increase profitability and build long term value. 


Skip the Middleman and work DIRECTLY with the Manufacture


Take advantage of our FREE private labeling program


No quantity commitment on ANY of our air purification products

Your Brand on Our Products

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Cid artwork.jpg

Build your brand and promote your image with our FREE private labeling program. Clients will see your company information and be inclined to call you for replacement parts as well as recommend your business to friends and family

Lets Talk About Money

If you sold 100 units a year and continued to do so for 5 years...

100 units/year = 2 units per week


Replacement bulbs at $24.95, charge a service call at $99 = additional gross profit of $74 annually per unit serviced

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 1.54.10 PM.png

= Perpetual Income Stream

Keys to Success

Stock Units on your Trucks

a. Presentation and installation is simple

b. Making a trip back to the shop/ warehouse is time consuming and costly

c. Adding purification technologies to your portfolio boost revenue streams

Take Advantage of Our Special Offers

a. Our prices make it affordable to buy units for sale for your own home or shop

b. Free custom labels help build YOUR brand

Keep Track of Your Installations

a. Bulb replacement occurs as a routine maintenance which allows more contact with customers

b. Implement maintenance agreements with clients and secure repeat business

Use Our Quality Products

a. Safe products that extend value to your customers 

b. Homeowners want IAQ solutions and are willing to pay for them

c. Differentiate yourself from competitors, big box stores, and Amazon

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