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Water Conditioning Chemicals

Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide is safe and an effective way to remediate well water that contains iron, bacteria, manganese and/or “rotten-egg” sulfur odor through oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide is economical and easily administered, producing no toxic fumes or harmful byproducts.
Peristaltic/ Chemical Feed Pumps
A chemical feed pump is necessary when using hydrogen peroxide to treat water. The peristaltic pump accurately doses chemicals into the water through a special tubing that has no contact with any part of the pumps mechanisms keeping it secured from cross contamination

Resin Cleaner

Resin cleaners are designed to remove metallic foulants such as iron and manganese from the water softener resin bed. Resin cleaner can be used to treat both well and city water in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.

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