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Ultraviolet Light (UV) Air Cleaners: An Additional Move for Mold Remediation/Removal

If you own a home that has mold or have mold remediation services performed, or if you’re in the mold remediation business, the apparent goal is to get rid of the existing mold and prevent future regrowth or air pollution. However, it’s sometimes easier said than done, and the mold often returns within a short period. While this is usually caused by a moisture source, a leak, or another issue that wasn’t discovered or fixed, one thing you can do to drastically reduce the chances of mold regrowth or repeated remediation visits is to use something that kills mold spores and prevents them from reproducing: germicidal UV light air purification systems mounted in the air conditioner ducts.

UV light has been utilized in the healthcare and medical industries and labs and many other areas where thorough disinfection is required for many years to sanitize just about anything from water to surfaces. Using these ultraviolet lights in air conditioners achieves a similar result: provided that you use lab-grade UV bulbs, these air cleaners expose any bacteria or mold that floats by too high levels of UV-C light rays, which destroys the cell structure of most bacteria and mold spores as well as their DNA, rendering them unable to reproduce. So it makes sense to have something constantly destroying any lingering mold spores in the air after remediation procedures have been completed if you’re seeking to get rid of black mold or any other kind of mold. Removing any sources of excess moisture is critical, but ensuring that any lingering mold spores are eliminated is also essential to ensuring that the problem does not resurface.

Suppose you’re in the mold remediation business. In that case, your name and reputation are clearly based on how well your remediation procedures work, so if you offered high-quality UV light air cleaners as an added service, you’d likely beat out your competitors because almost no one we’ve seen is doing so as a preventative measure. However, whether you’re a home owner or a mold remediation company owner, make sure the ultraviolet light air purifier systems you choose use true 36 watt lab-grade bulbs; lower wattage bulbs simply don’t work as well, and you don’t want to offer or install something that won’t disinfect the air effectively.

Also, after the air passes the coil, at least two lights should be positioned in the output section of the air conditioner duct. Because of the natural condensation caused by the freon air cooling process, the coil of an air conditioner or HVAC system is a common breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which is why you want the UV light system on that side—so any mold spores or bacteria that are released as air blows across the coil area are exposed to the light rays and destroyed before they have a chance to be blown out into your home.
I hope that this post is helpful to anyone looking for more thorough black mold removal or remediation. Please use the form below to contact us if you have any questions.

We wrote this post in the hopes of assisting those wishing to use superior duct-mounted UV light air cleaners to eliminate black or other molds in their homes or businesses and keep it from returning.
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