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We are a small family-owned business who specialize in air purification products, water treatment chemicals and restoration products.

Our products have been found to be effective, affordable, reliable, and easy to service. Industry leaders in the HVAC, Water Treatment, Restoration, and Remediation markets have used and offered our products to solve unique problems while increasing sales and profits.

We offer FREE private labeling for all of our products. Our program and presentation are designed to help build and reinforce your brand. Let us help you increase your service profitability for each service call while also increasing your name recognition.

Rachel Sanders - Director of Administration

Rachel began working alongside her father, Rick in 2020 taking a more hands-on role in leading the company into the next generation. She’s also a proud member of Women in HVACR.

Christina Revel - Director of Warehouse Operations

Originally from Ukraine, Christina joined Naturesoft's team in 2021 and has been an absolute rockstar about meeting deadlines and managing shipments to multiple different locations.

Rick Sanders -

With an extensive background in chemistry and ability to create effective affordable products, he's the brains behind the operation.

Cleo & Ellie -
Office Dogs

Cleo and Ellie are our office dogs who are the ultimate troublemakers. These two will definitely work for treats!

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